Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hate Baby

Check out this great band here from Canada called open relationship.
All female punk rock with a touch of garage sounding shitty in a
very good way.You can download their latest release "One day we'll slay"
somewhere all over the internet.

In the meantime check this great song:

Another great female fronted band is Bad Banana.
They re sound is more garage than punk rock filled with melodic half childish
female vocals and tunes that can make even the most deppressed fella in the room
get up from his ugly chair and start dancing!They have an ep and a demo out there
waiting for you.
Check them over here:
These ladies give you the chance to download their demo and you better do so.

Friday, November 11, 2011

To the clouds and the sky and far beyond.

The weather outside is spreading vibes of melancholy.
I think its time for some photoshoots and some melodies that represent
the same vibes.The following photos are edited with lightroom 3.

Πισχαζον 1# και 2#

This one is mostly for the ones living in Greece cause its an all in greek half comic
half thought spreading fanzine.
Πισχαζον τελικά είναι ένας κουμπαράς σε μορφή γουρουνιού που συμετέχει σε μια
απο τισ ιστορίες του πρώτου τεύχους.Μου λύθηκε η απορία μετά απο πολύ καιρό.
Η φάση είναι οτι διάβασα πρώτα το δεύτερο τεύχος το οπίο δεν με εντυπωσίασε
με το περιεχόμενο του αλλα σαν σύνολο έχει πολύ ωραίο στήσιμο.Ιστορίες στισ
οπίες πρωταγονιστεί τισ περισσότερες φορές η εκδότρια(σε μορφή κόμικ) και
διάφορα άλλα καλούδια όπως η παρωδία του μίκυ και του γκούφη, τους οποίους
τουσ παρουσιάζει σε τρελές queer περιπέτειες.Να δές για να καταλάβεις τη φάση

Aυτά για το δεύτερο τευχος.Το πρώτο τεύχος το βρήκα πρόσφατα και μου φάνηκε
πιο απλοικό απο το δεύτερο.Το περιτρυγιρίζει μια αθωότητα που λείπει απο
όλουσ μας τισ μέρες αυτές.Όλοι οσο μεγαλώνουμε βολευόμαστε με τον κυνισμό
μας και ξεχνάμε εκέινες τισ μέρες που γελάγαμε με το τίποτα.Ναι,το ξέρω
οτι χάνω τον χρόνο μου αλλά τότε ένιωθα ΚΑΛΑ και τώρα απλά αυτο δεν
υπάρχει.Time is against us.Time is everyones master.Δεν γαμιέται..Ξέφυγα και
απο το θέμα.

Απ'ότι λέει και στην πρώτη σελίδα επανακυκλοφόρησε σε 400(!) αντίτυπα και μπορείτε
να το βρείτε σε διάφορα αυτόνομα στέκια και καταλήψεις ή αλλιώς απο την ίδια
την εκδότρια οβερ χίαρ
Eπίσης έχει και στιχάκια από VJ γεγονός το οπίο απλά γαμάει.Δεν νομίζω να
σασ κατατόπησε ιδιαίτερα η κριτική αυτή αλλά τη να κάνουμε?Δεν έχω πολλά λόγια
περίσσεμα αυτή τη στιγμή..Cu around.

Teenage heartbeats

Good morning!What a wonderfull way to start my day in this
bleak fucking world!Memories of better days full of sunshines,
drunken walks,laughs,skateboarding and unfortunately friends
that became strangers..This ones for the days we didnt gave
a fuck at all.The world was ours..remember?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thats it..

Goodnight folks!I ll leave you with something i made about a thing called cruelty happening somewhere else,on some other planet not on earth for sure!
What did just happened here?Outside of our frontdoor?
Nahhh..i dont think so its just a nightmare...


What i mostly wanna capture and present with photography(besides my burning grief)
is a picture that will calm down senses and bring silence in the room.First of all
i do this for my personal need to achieve this sense of clarity that is missing from my life and i think im doing ok when i go back home from a photographic trip in the town i live in and put the memory card on to see what i did the whole day.Most of the times im satisfied with the results but it seems that there are unlimited places that you can get pictures like the ones i mentioned.Even in this town of demons you can find silence,capture it and here you go:Its yours forever.That moment you saw the
surroundings around you being conquered by absolut balance,it was just perfect.And this can be yours forever by taking the camera and doing your thing!Heres what i got
for today..5 pictures of absolut balance all in black and white.I hope you like'em!

No Exit past issues

Its not even close to the original formats beauty but in case
you didnt notice heres the chance to download the past issues of
the almighty "no exit"!
Have fun!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

No exit #4

"What punk means to you?Is it the appereance,the teenage rebellion,the drinking,the fights,the "fuck you" attitude,just a way to get boys/girls,a passing phase that you will fondly remember when you turn 30?" says the well known modern day philosopher
named Bak and he's propably right reffering to the ones that clearly misunderstood the
whole background of this music in the first place.

Finally after a long time battle with the forces of fate this thing called "no exit"
came to life.This zine was called "no future" back in the day(i always wanted to use this fuckin line) and due to several reasons the name has been changed since to "no exit".One of the first zines i ever got in my hands was "no future" and after a period of time i got the chance to participate with these fuckers here taking care of what you ll see inside the pages of this masterpiece of (productive)negativity.
This ones got well done interviews with My turn(athens),Gofilthgo(thesalonikh),
Warning/warning(France) and Lebenden toten(U.S.A) only for your reading pleasure.
Theres also a Riot Girrl article that a stranger from Canada accepted the offer to write it for us!As always "No exit' includes a lot of record reviews but in this issue we also included our top records from the passing decade(of decay) and last but not least our friend Nasos wrote 2 movie reviews(check out his movie blog below)
All in black n white style,40 pages.Go fucking get it cause you know what?
YOU'll be damned for your next 10 lifes if you dont..
So do it: see how you order and so may the
curse doesnt harm you at all..

Friday, November 4, 2011

Full fledged fucking disaster..

Have a good weekend and take care!
Ill be posting on sunday some zine reviews
and the next part of the "urban fields" project.

Blood,Sweat and vinyl...

Take a look here,this will be a fucking blast.
I always loved how Hydrahead combines the music and the artwork and
now this documentary is coming out to prove it to the ones that didnt
took notice of such great artists.

Rise up

First of all good morning.I was supposed to be in school but i woke up pretty
late and in our school theres a kind of a regulation saying that we can not enter the school after 09:15.The are private security guards protecting the school from evil
reminding me this kind of bullshit everytime im late and i still dont understand
why should this happen at all.Anyways..So i choose to stay in my house with music for
company and a dose of caffeine.After a night of rethinking about stuff and bringing back memories i woke up with a sense of clarity even if i was supposed to be nursing a hangover at this particulare moment.Amazing stuff.I was listening to As friends rust and at the same time i was reading an interview of Damien Moyal their lead singer.Besides his great answering and patience(there were about 25-30 questions)
this guy writes some of the most inspiring lyrics,most of them to keep you company
when you re on the other side.The one thats not so easy to keep moving on.I also found out that hes doing some solo stuff under the name Damien Done.You could
imagine that even from his contribution in as friends rust,this guy can write songs
that have nothing to do with punk rock.You can have a taste of what his doing
right here:
and also here:

This piece of music draggs you down,where the flames burn and the witches
curse your ugly existance.
I also wanted to share another band with you called "Self defense family"

I dont know anything about them except from the fact that they release stuff through Deathwish inc. and they manage to play something that cannot go under
any musical genre.What i first thought was "sludge without the distortion on the guitars" but nevermind go judge for yourself.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Drunk sincerity

Goodnight folks.
Unfortunately the past comes crushing in sometimes
and the will is nowhere to be found for the moment.
I hope you re all doing fine.
And dont forget to take care of your loved ones.

I got a story, a story to tell.
About a long road
back from a sory of hell
I been flying almost every night.
I been ready to burn
and I been living to die.
SO take a look, take a look in my eyes:
Cause I got no remorse for all the hate
that burns inside.
Take a look at my suicide.
Self destruction
I know the streets can be so cold
I know these streets
can make you feel so cold.
I've got this gun to my head all alone.
Another bottle of pills almoste gone;
My cigarette burns
right trough my soul.
I'm almoste home.
And I'"ve seen:
broken hearts and broken dreams
like broken bodies.
under the pale street lights tonight.
I've seen the hate and yeah;
I've heard the lies.
So I turned my back
and now I'm on the outside
I know the streets can be so cold
I'm almoste home.
Self destruction.
I'm on my way home.

Rebuild #1

I rearly find zines from abroad and when i do its only from local
distros cause theres something going on between me and the internet
orders or the orders in general.i ve never figured it out.Anyways.
As i was saying,i found this in a local distro,at a local punk show
and i told myself "buy these fuckers,you ll not get the chance to buy
zines from abroad anytime in the near future".And finally i did.
Rebuild is a 52 pages black n white zine that represents the positive
side of hardcore and the movement of straight edge.It includes a variety
of interviews but the one that i was interested the most was also the
most awesome in my opinion.The first interview is from Jim Hesketh
who used to sing in Champion,a hardcore band that is no longer active.I was impresed
with the answer he gave about how he got into straight edge.
check it
More interviews with Kingdom,Police and Thieves,breaking the silence radio show
and lots of others.Theres also a Youth of Today gig review and a small amount
of record reviews.Theres a boy and girl taking care of this zine and i hope they
continue to cause its fuckin worth it.Great first issue!
contact them,

These urban fields will lead you nowhere #1

A presentation of the feeling that i get from this town.
Most of the pictures have this "low contrast" feeling beacause
of the need to show the way i saw these images at that particular moment.
And what i saw was grief,so in my opinion the low contrast can
become usefull when you wanna capture images that represent negative feelings.
It shows the human beings and the field as a whole and thats what
i like about it.

Field Of Darkness

A band that i first listen to their music from the skate movie of Dc shoes.It
was a song called "strong reaction" and its melody stuck in my head since my skating childhood.After a long period of time i got the chance to listen their whole discography and i was fully impressed.Punk rock with a desperate and dark 90s vibe,better use this music wisely.
heres the video of "strong reaction"

and here you can download the song field of darkness

Scandinavian insanity

The only thing i know about this band is that they were active for a very short period
of time and released only an ep(and some tracks included in compilations that i never had the chance to listen)Hailing from finland these guys will crush your ears
with their chaotic yet melodic at times hc/punk insanity.

Heres a destructive song from treblinka:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First issue

Here is the cover of the first issue of "if i die tonight"
coming out sometime in the near future.Most of the zine
pages are ready for the printing process so keep an eye
on it folks!

We Will Be Everywhere

War inside my head,War spreads violently all around

Sometimes theres too much tension on the streets,you can smell it in the air
and after what i ve seen this wicked tension is punching me right at my stomach.
But musics always here to express feelings with melodies and in the end
it feels a litle bit better.This tension can be productive or destructive.
Its your choice.

Until i sum up all the things i want to post in this blog i ll
break your nerves with whatever songs express my feelings at various moments.
stay safe