Monday, April 9, 2012

Home is where the heart decays

I will write about awesome music ive listened lately cause nothing else can motivate me at this particular moment. MOOONMOONMOONMOONMOON...Moon is a deppressive machine of emptiness.Moon is Alanna nuala.Moon is deeply emotional and passive,it gives you the feeling of those bittersweet mornings that you barely find a reason for getting out of bed and propably this reason is one of the above:piss or drink water.Musicwise it sounds like shoegaze with the abscense of a particular beat but this would be misinformation cause i never really quiet understood what exactly is shoegaze in the first place.I discovered Moon while listening to the song "onwards to the wall" from the band A place to bury strangers where Alanna nuala sings 2 verses.You should check her music project over here: Theres a download link for the Ep called "guilt",go on and discover what Moon is all about. Besides all that,give the lyrics a chance!