Thursday, January 3, 2013

musical shivers in 2012

I stopped making music lists some time ago cause i mostly listen to bands i already know and my motivation for searching new music is lost somewhere in the between.Once in a while i like to download bands that catch my attention and when i go and buy records i mostly buy old releases so its hard fot me to make a proper list of my favorites for the damned year of 2012.Besides all this i decided to post some releases that made my year a litle more interesting.In no specific order heres what i got.

spine-subhuman 7"

devastating fastcore from chicago that will make you break down your bedroom walls with your own head.
imagine harms way covering infest.bonecrushing hardcore violence.


you already know this band im sure you do.trippy and sludgy metal journey with some acoustic guitars and some monsterous riffs.lovin it.

digger barnes-every story true

this guy makes some of the most beautiful acoustic/country music i ve ever listened in my whole life.its creepy and cursed,singing bout some of the most soul crushing dissapointments a man can experience even though theres a sense of hope and courage in these songs.

το μαύρο λούκι-μία νύχτα στην εστία

this guy cant be described in words.he writes the most sincere lyrics i ve ever heard.the beats are ghosts in a form of sound and...anyway this is too much.if youre not greek just try it for the feeling and the awesome beats.

a place to bury strangers-worship

this band is pure violence for the human body.they will wrap you and kick you in the head with no remorse

no trigger-tycoon

melodic hardcore the way i like it the most.passionate and angry,fast and emotive,reminds me a lot of strike anywhere.a great effort.

waxahatchee-american weekend

raw acoustic it or leave it,i ve already done a review for this,no more words to waste.


Rest of my life.

ανεμοστρόβιλος στο στομάχι μου