Saturday, December 24, 2011

...and dont forget

Rethink about the food information they taught us
all these years.Rethink about the violent habit
of eating dead species.Its never too late to make
a clear choice and start respecting animals as if
they were your fellow mates!
Start with the word "respect" and think about
the whole world around you.Do you really want to live like this?
The suffering of man comes from within itself in most cases.
Its in you.Never forget that.

Live free

We are all animals
so we suffer in kind
all our customs leave
our consciousness behind
all this balance
I won't consume you
If you breathe what I do
and bleed in red too

Did they
smile through their teeth
when they
told you
you deserved this?
professional men
speaking from the side
of their mouths
letting you battle
with this isolation
give me strength to witness
strength to witness
death is big business
not for you and I
our death is not collateral

You gotta feel your lines

You gotta keep those positive vabrations.
We all have our heads held down for a while but
you need to remind yourself that this is
not the way it is.Fighting depression is
a must my friend!Theres always someone
out there to make you smile.
Some helping hand you know?
But first we gotta help ourselfs
and then everything will flow normally!
Take this one here as an example of the ultimate
peace of your heart.It gives me the fucking creeps everytime.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last night hardcore saved my life

When you feel like no ones there for you.
When you curse your self and you wanna give up.
When you feel damned and you got nowhere to go.
Remember what shaped you.Remember the good vibes.
Hold on to that.Never let it go.Keep going strong.

I've been hooked since the first hit I ever took
They warned me not to go inside but I had to take a look
I stepped down into a smokey room
I'm getting stared at hard so I kept on stepping

Right up to the line just to wait my turn
I started to sweat and my eyes were burning
When I felt him through the smoke just out of sight
He said, "Son are you ready for the rest of your life?"
I said, " Gimme gimme please gimme please Mr. Pusher Man
I don't think you know what it means to me
I gotta gotta have it. Do you understand?
I gotta know how it feels when your mind is free."

Now I know how it feels to fly
My eyes are wide open and my soul's on fire
All those years I was living a lie
But last night Hardcore saved my life
There's nothing I can do and there's nothing I can say
I'll be chasing the dragon till the fire goes away
It's the truth in the anger and the feeling in the sound
For the rest of my time on earth I'll chase that dragon down

Now I'm grown and I can't past it
The way I get chills when the music's blasting
I never found nothing that could move me like this
With a fist in the air I must resist
Young and old, boys and girls
In every color around the world
We gather together every couple days
To honor the ones that paved the way
Oh no I can't stop
I got marks on my skin and I'm ready to go
It's in my veins and it's in my soul
I love Hardcore Punk Rock'n'Roll

Now I know how it feels to fly
My eyes are wide open and my soul's on fire
All those years I was living a lie
But last night Hardcore saved my life
There's nothing I can do and there's nothing I can say
I'll be chasing the dragon till the fire goes away
It's the truth in the anger and the feeling in the sound
For the rest of my time on earth I'll chase that dragon down

It's like my soul's on fire
For the rest of my time on earth I'll chase that dragon down

Friday, December 16, 2011

People are bearly crawling

I was leaving school today and i went to catch the bus for my way home.The bus came 45 minutes later from the time that it was supposed to come and guess what,it was full of angry people.Well,not all of them but the majority were people in their third age moaning about the situation we all go through in this country called Greece.The first scene that my eyes saw was a 40 years old man arguing and nearly fighting with
an older man that was a priest.The 40 year old guy was from Albania and accused the priest for being racist.He also referred to the fact that the church is a big business community and in times of economic crisis they refuse to pay taxes and stuff like that.The priest got so angry to the point that he was ready to start a fistfight with the other man.Some of the people in the bus were laughing,others were massively disturbed by the conflict and a small amount of people tried to spread their own opinion about the issue.What i wanna say is:as time passes by and the situation gets worse,people will start real bloodfilled conflicts in the streets.Fighting eachother cause they dont know how to use their anger in a productive way.Fighting eachother cause all these time they were fighting with thmeselves.Fucking unbearable masses.All this shit will lead us straight to the mouth of the death machine.I hate to say it but thats what i see almost every day in this shithole were thrown from day one.I hope we can change as people.I hope we can see beyond our stupid selfs and gain a sense of community even if our state of mind is so different.Can we achieve such thing?Its up to you and me.If we really want change,we can achieve it.Theres no excuse.All other options mean that we dont want to change.
And this one goes out to the hc/punk community too!
People are still fighting and arguing about clothes and music genres..
What the fuck have we done people?This is 2011 and we still refuse to get along and share something that is important for us all.As you may already know from other posts on various blogs(i got my informtaion from a friends blog called "taking you down with me")in Indonesia 64 punks were arrested.For what?For being punks!
Can you imagine that happening to you while living in Greece?Of course this decaying western civilization being a punk is not a threat or something..I dont mean that we re supposed to "make punk a threat again" and all that cliche bullshit talking,i just want to state the contradiction of it all.Living in Indonesia is propably worst when it comes to things such as forcing religion and tradition-centered regulations.
Check out the following links if you want to get informed about the whole situation with the Indonesian punks.

Monday, December 12, 2011


"i've tried to run but i stay here, and i don't know why i would wait there's still a reason and it burns down in ashes where i lay"

City alienation

Random photoshoots from todays trip in the city.
Fortunately there is some street art out there
that makes a difference inside this madness.

This means "I SUFFER"...
and yes,dont be a fucking liar,we all go through some shit..

Do you hear that?

We are everywhere #2

Im making some childish d.i.y stickers as you can see.
I have a good fucking time makin'em!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We will show the demons for what they are

For all those born to die
And those that lost the fight
(how many fallen friends died within our sights)
Let their hard roads be our way out
Let their passion lead the way

The dark horse will one day come
To free the light from all of us
One day the dark horse will come

No matter the man or the machine
Beasts will become what
They were meant to be
In the name of lovers in the name of wars
We'll show the demons for what they are

Dark horse ride
Towards the light
Dark horse ride onward

Towards to light

In the memory of the kid that his life was taken from the shameless bastards in control.
may you rest in peace and may the world learn something from all this nightmare

Monday, December 5, 2011

anger problem spreading violently

I was at a show last saturday night and feeling like shit.My temper was going upside down and unwanted thoughts fucked with my head.Until a friend of mine came and we started talking about a thing called "good intention".My nerves calmed down and finally i got the chance to have a good time and enjoy everything that was going on at the time(well not all of them cause my temper is something i still cant explain).
Having good intentions when you aproach people and situations is a basic way to enjoy every moment of your life,even the worst of them.I m not that kind of person that i always carry good intentions with me .My nerves are in a big time trouble.I cant control them and sometimes i aproach people in a very bad and maybe offensive way.i wish i could stop it right now cause as it gets worse it just makes me hate myself.I hope as time passes by i ll try more and more to carry on such intentions and maybe then my temper is going to find some balance.In the meantime i gotta play some Ceremony..
Fighting against generations of wrong
we have an anger problem spreading violently
it started with a kiss from the mouth of a gun
now we're cutting at our wrists
spilling all that we loathe
empty bottles with awful feeling
keep bad memories as my closest friends

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Autumn's gone

Did i forget to tell?
Autumn's gone and it was the first time after 4 years i saw leaves fall from trees.I had the intention that autumn was missing.Sudden weather change ruined my view of what once was.I love autumn ,nothing for you to care about,i just needed to say that
i love autumn.

A song that reminds me the autumn in my old neighborhood.Used to listen to this song while at the school bus watching all the great landscapes in the deep south
of Attica.

Its called fanzine

December the first.What the fuck?I didnt even noticed the passing of these days..
This post is half-greek half-english.Basically i will write about greek zines in greek except from those that carry on english written articles.

So for my ugly greek citizens..

"στην αθήνα πωσ αγαπούν?πωσ αγαπούν στην αθήνα?στην αθήνα πως αγαπούν?πωσ αγαπούν στην αθήνα?" αναρωτιέται η εκδότρια και φίλη "απ΄τα παλιά".και καλα κάνει δηλαδή
που αναρωτιέται.."ΠΩΣ ΑΓΑΠΟΥΝ ΣΤΗΝ ΑΘΗΝΑ?"

Πρώτο τεύχος και 16 σελίδες στισ οποίες αποτυπώνονται βιώματα μεσω λέξεων,ποιημάτων και ασπρόμαυρων εικόνων(κατ εντ πειστ).Το μουνί περιέχει γραμμέσ που σπαρταράνε και σου μεταδίδουν άμεσα το κυρίαρχο συναίσθημα που το διακατέχει.Απ'οτι ξέρω δεν υπάρχουν άλλες κόπιες..αλλά εφόσον βρεθούν χρήματα για επανατύπωση θα βγούν και άλλες.Επίσης οι κριτικές που διαβάζεις σε αυτό το μπλόγκ ΔΕΝ είναι αντικειμενικές..
έτσι για να μην παρεξηγούμαστε.Ότι ποστάρω,το ποστάρω επειδή μου αρέσει.Εάν κάτι δεν μου αρέσει δεν υπάρχει περίπτωση να ασχοληθώ ούτε να κάτσω να γράψω αρνητική κριτική για αυτό.Ειτε αυτό είναι δίσκος,είτε φανζίν.
Α ναί..για να μην ξεχνιόμαστε επικοινωνίστε εαν ενδιαφέρεστε για το φανζίν!

Και τώρα alt and shift.


Coming all the way from Netherlands this one really got my attention.Its like an interview centered zine with lots of inspiring stories from people participating in bands and hc/punk communities all over the world(kind of).

I was amazed by the fact that the guy doing the questions goes in too deep when it comes to ask about ones life experiencies and such.I think thats pretty great cause you get a lot of information from people that spend their whole lifes contributing in bands,record labels,hc/punk collectives etc. and you get an image of how it is to overcome the adults world pressure and do your own thing that you love the most.
Interviews from Che Snelting(Born From Pain),Jos Houtveen(Larm) and lots of others that you should check by yourself.This one comes in 98(!) pages all in black and white.Great reading,it never gets boring.Actually its like travelling back in time and getting the pictures of these stories in front of your eyes even though you ve never experienced them.
Get in touch here