Thursday, July 11, 2013

out my mind

οι skints βγάλανε καινούργιο single και ακούγεται τέλεια!

Monday, July 8, 2013


                          so tell me now if this aint love then how do we get out cause i dont now



songs like love letters
or notes you pass
to someone special
when you leave home

knowing that someday
soon or not
i will be coming 
for you

to the world 
i refuse to prove
anything at all
to you i shall
prove what
the world doesnt 
need to know


lose yourself
in the world
erase all 
be the
big nothing
then you will see
what i see


i used to be fun 
now my bottles 
can drink me dry

i used to be shiny
fueled till the morning
till the first
glimpse of daylight

i used to be 
what they i thought
i was
but underneath
they never got the chance
to dig and see

and all the laughing
and all the joy 
of the world
they did it for me
they just covered
what most of them
could not see

and here i am 
exposed to you
to run away
from me

theres no more hiding
no more hiding 
no more hiding


Saturday, July 6, 2013


Please don't make me go home,
I can't handle the sight of that place again.
Please don't make me go home,
I'm wanted there even less than I'm wanted here.
And if I have to go home and say I'm sorry for things that I'm not sorry for,
I'd rather keep on destroying myself for my own needs,
Than opening the back door,
Please don't make me go.

Please don't make me go home,
They'll blame everything on me even though it's not my fault.
Please don't make me go home,
I can't handle seeing that place again.
I know they think I'm fucked up,
And I know exactly where everybody stands.
Please don't make me go home,
Face everything that made me who I am.
Please don't make me go.
Please don't make me go.

For the four

I’m not tired, I’m exhausted.
I think this time I’ve finally lost it.
If anything ever happened to you,
I don’t know what the fuck I’d do.
When you get better maybe we can move away,
Out of this neighborhood to somewhere safe
Where the kids can go outside and play.
There’s got to be a better way.

I don’t wanna be sick anymore.
Can’t breathe, passed out on the floor.
I’m not walking through hospital doors today.

Let’s put the petty shit all behind.
Remember when we used to laugh all the time?
It makes me wonder why we bend over backwards,
Scraping up nickels and dimes.

What can end the constant struggle?
Is there a light at the end of the tunnel anyway?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Queen T