Monday, November 19, 2012

Still going strong

Yo!My google account is messing with my life a lot these last 3 weeks and i cant have any control over my blog.It tottally sucks cause i really wanna write about stuff and share stuff etc.Until i find the root of the problem im able to access my account through my schools computer class.We re having these autocad
lessons that suck big time,one of the most boring and complicated programs ever,dealing with architectural  and building design.At least now i can write for my blog while being in class.Our beloved litle zine called if i die tonight will unleash its gloomy flames when the third issue is finished and it will include skecthes,collage and writing from some of our lovely friends.The second one had its collaborations from our friends Frikh and Uncle Paul.We wish them well and thank them a lot.
 Besides the fact that we are still able to make zines in these fevered times,money is  something that is always missing from our pockets but we always try not to be affected and defetated.What i mean is that we re in the process of creating more and more and more,not just zines but everything that can be shaped and transformed,painted or captured,theres no end in sight when it comes to things such as creativity.
  Coffee Black is a great name for a fanzine,its also a great song from one of the most important bands of the melodic side of hardcore,As Friends Rust.I m gonna publish 3 issues of this zine,10 copies each.Think of a presentation of the cut n paste process,a hand made zine with scanned sketches,photos and some writing.
I guess that its gonna be ready sometime in christmas.Also No exit 6 is ready to be published so all you freaks that still care about paper zines and the underground,take notice.

Peace and Love