Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well,Its been a long time since i ve posted anything on this blog.Ive collected too much frustration and at the same time i ve experienced a lot of inspiring and meaningfull situations.One can overcome the other in the end and at this particular moment frustration about almost everything around me and inside me overcame all the brighter feelings.I am in a state of confusion about the upcoming situation in the country/wasteland i live in called Greece(not to mention about the weight of the whole fucking world).I remember when i was younger,the thought of being unable to do things beacause of the abscense of money didnt even crossed my mind.I aint rich or anything close to that and i never was but things are getting really fucked up.Sometimes everywhere you go you vision a dead fucking end,like theres no way to survive living inside this monetary system.Sometimes i fantasize myself homeless without any fucking place to go.I know that negative thoughts can easily become "reality" if you make them on repeat but most of the time i am unable to think in any other way.I dont want to end up begging and stealing or killing my fellow man only for something to eat.I want to try and visualize a better place to live,with people around taking care of them selfs and everyone around but how can this be?Maybe we ve lost touch long ago.I can easily blame my parents or all the previous generations of blind sheeps that followed these demons and helped in the creation of this sickening "leading straight to the process of self-denial" system but this can only pump up my ego-something that i dont want.How can i prevent myself from giving up on everything?I feel like im losing all my senses.I cant define love anymore and i hate the fact that i used excessive drinking as a way out of this mess.It was fun at the start of it all but it always ends up in ashes-truth hurts.This is disappointment and regret.And what bout happiness?Where the fuck is hiding?
The precious,The divine things in life are buried under the ashes and the piles of misery we built through the disapointment and regret such as the ones you just read about.I know its there
but its getting harder every fucking day.Thats something i should not let get over me.
The next song is dedicated to my people-with courage and patience will get by together
and everyone thats feeling the same.Keep moving forward.

I know the pain, I feel it too and it's tearing us apart
Can you take a breath, push it aside
And pick yourself back up?

You know that the choice to live your life
Lies in the palm of your hand

You've got the answers you need, just look inside yourself

So much at stake, can't waste our time chasing standards
We never set
We know that the choice to live our lives
Lies in the palms of our hands

And with the struggles faced just to make it through the day
Stepped out of line and found a better way
So much at stake and we can't let our lives pass us by
And the only ones we'll ever chase
Are the standards that we set

Now's the time to leave all our mistakes behind
Because we've found the only truth we'll ever need
Every struggle faced and choices made will see us through
The words we've said, the promises kept
Is the only truth we need


Ceremony.Great fucking band.A lot of fucking change in their musical style along the years.
This one here is from their upcoming album called "Zoo".I dont know what this reminds me in the end but it sounds pretty cool and soooo different from their previous releases.Check for yourself.