Saturday, December 24, 2011

...and dont forget

Rethink about the food information they taught us
all these years.Rethink about the violent habit
of eating dead species.Its never too late to make
a clear choice and start respecting animals as if
they were your fellow mates!
Start with the word "respect" and think about
the whole world around you.Do you really want to live like this?
The suffering of man comes from within itself in most cases.
Its in you.Never forget that.

Live free

We are all animals
so we suffer in kind
all our customs leave
our consciousness behind
all this balance
I won't consume you
If you breathe what I do
and bleed in red too

Did they
smile through their teeth
when they
told you
you deserved this?
professional men
speaking from the side
of their mouths
letting you battle
with this isolation
give me strength to witness
strength to witness
death is big business
not for you and I
our death is not collateral

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