Friday, December 16, 2011

People are bearly crawling

I was leaving school today and i went to catch the bus for my way home.The bus came 45 minutes later from the time that it was supposed to come and guess what,it was full of angry people.Well,not all of them but the majority were people in their third age moaning about the situation we all go through in this country called Greece.The first scene that my eyes saw was a 40 years old man arguing and nearly fighting with
an older man that was a priest.The 40 year old guy was from Albania and accused the priest for being racist.He also referred to the fact that the church is a big business community and in times of economic crisis they refuse to pay taxes and stuff like that.The priest got so angry to the point that he was ready to start a fistfight with the other man.Some of the people in the bus were laughing,others were massively disturbed by the conflict and a small amount of people tried to spread their own opinion about the issue.What i wanna say is:as time passes by and the situation gets worse,people will start real bloodfilled conflicts in the streets.Fighting eachother cause they dont know how to use their anger in a productive way.Fighting eachother cause all these time they were fighting with thmeselves.Fucking unbearable masses.All this shit will lead us straight to the mouth of the death machine.I hate to say it but thats what i see almost every day in this shithole were thrown from day one.I hope we can change as people.I hope we can see beyond our stupid selfs and gain a sense of community even if our state of mind is so different.Can we achieve such thing?Its up to you and me.If we really want change,we can achieve it.Theres no excuse.All other options mean that we dont want to change.
And this one goes out to the hc/punk community too!
People are still fighting and arguing about clothes and music genres..
What the fuck have we done people?This is 2011 and we still refuse to get along and share something that is important for us all.As you may already know from other posts on various blogs(i got my informtaion from a friends blog called "taking you down with me")in Indonesia 64 punks were arrested.For what?For being punks!
Can you imagine that happening to you while living in Greece?Of course this decaying western civilization being a punk is not a threat or something..I dont mean that we re supposed to "make punk a threat again" and all that cliche bullshit talking,i just want to state the contradiction of it all.Living in Indonesia is propably worst when it comes to things such as forcing religion and tradition-centered regulations.
Check out the following links if you want to get informed about the whole situation with the Indonesian punks.

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