Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cloudy Moody

The view from my balcony gives me the chance to stare at trippy skies and clouds
that transform through eachother.I believe that the place we live in is fearbreeding
and deppressive as hell so i clearly chose not to participate in one way or another.
At least not anymore.I can see clearly in front of me,stare at my feelings,my needs
my dreams,my dissapointments,my regrets,my mistakes,my hapiness,my whole
damn life is out there and at the same time inside of me.I can feel it flowing up and
down from my chest to my feet and these moments of stillness help me realize that
it feels great to be alive.Its not some fakery optimism that i wanna preach about,
its the years that passed by and the people that moved on or didnt,the experiencies
of my youth and all the hard times that created this black haze over my head,they
are the best lessons i ve learned in my whole life.I am officially able to move on.

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