Friday, September 20, 2013


Everyone knows that "cunt" is the greatest word in the universe but the word itself does not have anything to do with the following post.I used it because i'm out of titles.Sooo..i made a compilation for my misses based on the word "Autumn". Since we met,we decided that one of us suggests a word or a phrase as a basic theme for the compilations that we would make for each other.

These are the words and the phrases so far..

Warm heart
Neon lights
Wash it all away

The following photos are a representation of the pure d.i.y spirit and the will to take advantage of every possible material so that you can achieve a lovely result.Basically what counts the most is the process of creation not the outcome.The realization that you can do almost everything with your own bare hands.

                      and these are the songs from the compilation with youtube links

                        1.Dads-My crass patch
                        2.The cardinal sin-Eye-opener
                        3.Dads-Can i be your deadbeat boyfriend?
                        4.A great big pile of leaves-Back to school
                        5.Broder daniel-Whirlwind
                        6.Cursive-The reculse
                        7.Death cab for cutie-You are a tourist
                        8.No hope for the kids-Meningslos vold
                        9.Camera obscura-Lets get out of this country
                        10.The cardinal sin-Under your skin(link not found)
                        11.The weakerthans-Aside
                        12.John frusciante-Central
                        13.Matt skiba-Field of darkness(pegboy cover)
                        14.Old flings-Grip(silly silly video)
                        15.Three mile pilot-Planets
                        16.The flatliners-Liver alone(acoustic)
                        17.Young statues-Spacism
                        18.Thrice-The artist in the ambulance

and last but least,this is a short collection of jokes(poems) that i made.Handmade,handwritten,20 copies available.I wish i could publish everything by myself but when you start writing and rewriting the same words again and again somewhere in the middle of the process they lose their meaning.In the meantime though,i am broke beacause i quit my ugly job some time ago and there was no other possible way to spread out this crap.Not that the world needs them,i am the one that needs them the most and thats fine as far as im concerned.If you care about a copy i still dont know where you can find one.Possible places of distribution
will be anounced soon although the first 10 copies will be given away hand in hand.


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